NAPIT (National Association for Professional Inspectors and Testers) is an organisation committed to consumer safety in the Domestic, Commercial and Industrial sectors. The whole aim of the organisation is to ensure that through the competence of Members, consumers can be confident of work that complies with the relevant regulations. NAPIT provide a simple, fast search service so that you can find a tradesperson in your area that you know you can rely on.

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NAPIT members are active in the Domestic, Commercial and Industrial sectors and members can register and be assessed by NAPIT in the fields of electrical installation, plumbing, heating and ventilation (which includes air conditioning). If you are looking for an electrician or other contractor then make sure they are registered by NAPIT or another similar governing body.

NAPIT operate a comprehensive and rigorous code of practice for their members, but simply abiding by the rules and meeting the regulations is not the end of the story.A job can be safe, comply with regulations and still be poorly done, which is why NAPIT offer a Work Quality Guarantee scheme to give you peace of mind; details of which appear on the Compliance Certificate issued by them on behalf of their members when the work has been completed. The Work Quality Guarantee Scheme covers notified works should the member be unable to rectify the works because they are no longer in business.

As well as the members who work in commerce and industry, they are also appointed by the government (the Department of Communities and Local Government, CLG) to run competent person schemes for the above trade disciplines, which ensures that work they undertake in the Domestic sector complies with the Building Regulations and can be carried out without you having to notify your local authority building control department.

NAPIT issue you with a certificate of compliance for the work carried out and also update your local authority's records. This will help you with future house sale issues and may be required by future extensions of the home information pack.

NAPIT was the first Competent Persons Scheme operator and the first Electrical organisation, whose registrants were covered by TrustMark. For all their members, whether working in the Domestic, Commercial or Industrial sectors, the complaints process is straightforward and is focussed on delivering service to consumers and driving improvement in Member performance, they welcome feedback on customer satisfaction, both good and bad.

NAPIT also supports the objectives of the Electrical Safety Council which is an independent non-profit-making organisation, registered as a charity; set up to protect the safety of consumers. Supported by all sectors of the electrical industry as well as local and central government, it deals with all electrical safety matters on behalf of consumers, dedicated to improving standards and promoting best practice.


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